Fall 2019 Scientista Executive Board Members

Here are the Executive Board members who dedicate extra time to make our organization and events come to life. Feel free to e-mail us any questions you might have about the UNLV Scientista Foundation.


President- Rachel Dittrich

Rachel is currently majoring in Pre-Professional Biology. After graduating with her bachelor's, the next step is grad school! She aspires to become a Pharmacist one day.

Contact: dittrr1@unlv.nevada.edu


Vice President- Evelyn Garcia

Evelyn is majoring in Pre-Professional Biology, and minoring in both Neuroscience and Psychology. She aspires to become a Doctor, hopefully in an underserved community. 

Contact: garciaco@unlv.nevada.edu


Secretary- Rosalie Chaleunsouck

Rosalie is dual majoring in Biochemistry and Physics, as well as minoring in Neuroscience and Theater. She hopes to one day help in the discovery of life outside of our planet.

Contact: chaleuns@unlv.nevada.edu


Co-Events Director- Emily Carter

Emily is majoring in Pre-Professional Biology and minoring in Business, Spanish, and Chemistry. After UNLV, she plans on attending med school, with plans of one day having her own OB/GYN practice. 

Contact: cartee3@unlv.nevada.edu


Co-Events Director: Emily Huerta

Emily is dual majoring in both Math and Physics. She is fascinated with space, and hopes to one day become an astrophysicist.

Contact: huerte1@unlv.nevada.edu


Communications Director- Nikki Tibayan

Nikki is majoring in Computer Science. As an avid fan of coding and gaming, she wants to one day create video games.

Contact: tiayan@unlv.nevada.edu


Financing Director- Apoorva Chauhan

Apoorva is dual majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Business, and minoring in Math. She has been dreaming of becoming an engineer ever since she can remember!

Contact: chauha1@unlv.nevada.edu


Faculty Advisor- Alisha Kerlin

 Faculty Advisor. Executive Director of the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art. Graduate of the University of Tennessee (BFA) and the Milton Avery Graduate School of Arts, Bard College (MFA)

Contact: alisha.kerlin@unlv.edu