Spring 2018 Executive Board

Kristine Haley

Branch Publishing Chair. 

B.A. in Psychology.

Studying Physics with a minor in Mathematics.

Contact: haleyk5@unlv.nevada.edu

Yessica Nunez

Educational Outreach Chair.

Studying Psychology with a minor in Biology and Neuroscience

Contact: nunezy1@unlv.nevada.edu

Dr. Sharon Young

Faculty Advisor. Manager of the Office of Undergraduate Research. B.S. and PhD in Anthropology. 

Contact: sharon.young@unlv.edu

Tanya Serrano

Events Chair. 

Studying Biochemistry with a minor in Psychology.

Contact: serrat1@unlv.nevada.edu

Courtney Hoffman


Studying Biology with a minor in Spanish.

Contact: hoffmc1@unlv.nevada.edu

Andrea Darby


Studying Biology (conc. Ecology and Evolution).

Contact: darbya1@unlv.nevada.edu

Alondra Regalado

Co-Founder & President.

Studying Biology (conc. Ecology & Evolution) with minors in Political Science and Public Policy. CSUN Senator for the College of Sciences. 

Contact: alondra.regalado@unlv.edu